UK Speed Camera Database

Nowadays, speed cameras are just about everywhere in the UK in order to stop drivers speeding on roads all across the United Kingdom. Since there have been some changes recently in relation to deregulation of information it’s not possible to see whether you’ve been caught speeding just by using our site! It’s simple to check to see if you’ve been speeding and it’s free too, so you’ve really got nothing to lose.


All you’ve got to do is enter your registration number below to check our huge database which can tell you if you’ve been speeding within the last week.

(no personal information is collected from you, a check on the registration is all that is undertaken)

What happens next?

After you’ve entered your registration number you’ll either one of the two outcomes that can come from the check. Firstly, if no speed cameras have caught your speeding you’ll be told that there have been no incidents of your car speeding within the last 7 days. However, if a speed camera has seen you speeding you’ll get some information about the incident such as the area where you were speeding in, the speed that you were going (along with the speed limit in that area) and the date of the offence along with some other information. You can expect to get your speeding ticket within 2 weeks from the date that you were caught speeding.

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